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A year has felt longer than a lifetime without you. Games are the hardest knowing you should be there. Not seeing the number 7 on Nanuet's field is unbelievable. The Nanuet Class of 2011's lacrosse players write this in loving memory of you.

A loss of such a player, friend, brother, is something that is irreplaceable. You set the foundation to our lacrosse careers. We all were a part of your first team, and you left an impression on us, an impression that would never leave our memories and our hearts. Your mind was always on the game, you wanted the right to be able to walk off the field jokingly as if what we did was a piece of cake, and to know that we indeed were the best there was.

Your style, grace, and energy are what made you such a unique kid to play and be with. We know your heart was at Nanuet, even though you did play lacrosse for DBP, we know that you were made to play for Nanuet. This is not a goodbye; it’ll never be a goodbye. We know that you are always with us on the field, and we know in some way you are helping us out.

We miss you, love you, and will never forget you. We know you’re there, watch over us Connor.

Nanuet's Class of ’11 Lacrosse Team
J.D. Roth, Chris Clavell, Chris Tavani, Walter Halvorsen, Nick Veltri, Matt Hoppe, Brendan Booth, Ryan Marchbanks, Chris Keosky, Travis  Quinones, Brian Dolan, Chris Guerra, Vinny Mojica, Mike Ottaviano